Icelandic Knitwear Made in Iceland. Made for you.Icelandic Sweaters, Blankets and Accessories are made from sheepwool. KIDKA produces Icelandic wool products, inspired by traditional Icelandic patterns and the newest fashion. Icelandic fashion, that keeps you warm and stylish the whole year round. All our products are made in Iceland and from Icelandic sheep wool.

Hvammstangi – over 40 years of knitting with Icelandic wool

Who are we?

KIDKA is a true Icelandic, traditional knitting and sewing company. We produce knitwear out of Icelandic wool for our own clothing line. We stand for beautiful and high-quality wool products, which are fashionable, comfortable and genuine Icelandic.

What do we knit with Icelandic wool?

Icelandic wool is very versatile. With our knitting machines we knit blankets, sweaters, cardigans and ponchos as well as accessories such as hats, mittens and headbands, scarfs and collars. In our shop in Hvammstangi we also offer handknitted Icelandic sweaters and Icelandic yarn to knit yourself.

What´s our story?

The knitting factory in Hvammstangi was founded in 1972. Irina Kamp and Kristinn Karlsson own it since 2008 and called it KIDKA.

Where can you find KIDKA products?

You can find our wool products in shops all over Iceland. Our knitting factory and factory shop is based in the beautiful Miðfjörður area, in the small town Hvammstangi. It is the perfect stop, halfway between Reykjavík and Akureyri, just 5 min from the main Road 1.

You can order KIDKA products online here: http://www.islandfreund.de

Kidka factory tours
Kidka Wool Factory Shop in Hvammstangi
How do you make sweaters?

KIDKA knits sweaters, cardigans and accessories with knitting machines. Through the process of washing, brushing and steaming the wool gets a soft and fluffy texture. At the same time it doesn’t lack the important feature of keeping its owner warm all year-round. If you stop by in Hvammstangi, you are welcome to take a look in our factory and watch the process yourself. We like to show you how we make your sweater!

Traditional Icelandic Sweaters and Modern Fashion

KIDKA knitwear surprises with a big variety of designs. We are inspired by traditional Nordic patterns as well as modern fashion trends and colours. During the whole production process our wool garments never leave the country. That makes them original Icelandic products.

A visit in the KIDKA Wool factory gives you an unique insight into the production of Icelandic knitwear. We will be happy to show you how your sweater is made and in our cosy factory shop you have the opportunity to buy KIDKA knitwear and handknitted sweaters at a reasonable price.

You can find our products in shops around Iceland and in the KIDKA shops in Hvammstangi and Reykjavík as well as online.